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They used to do free compost drop offs at Ali Pally and a site in Camden I used but they have both stopped now - anyone else know of community places you can collect some for free local(ish) I have a car so can drive out a bit



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I've been trying to get some for a group of us allotment holders & have been doing lots of phoning around over the last couple of months. Unfortunately I've had no luck whatsoever. Veolia are apparently having works done at their processing plant so haven't been producing compost for the last year & it will be another year before they do again. I hope someone has suggestions! 

If Veolia aren't producing compost, what happens to our food waste?  I think I saw the bin men empty ours into the general waste last time.

I'd be interested to hear the answer to this, please, anyone.

I mean.. I think you'd need to ask Veolia...

Yeah thats a shame - maybe it goes to another site?

Btw if you pop in coffee shops and ask them for their grains you can add that to your compost to bulk it out affordably - got two big ones from costa yesterday!

This is also apparently a way to deter slugs and snails if you layer it round your plants. 

I came across this site for free wood chip recently. Unfortunately my allotment is up some steps so there's no chance of delivery. It might be possibly to contact local tip sites and ask about collection, I haven't looked into that.


Went to my local tip today not connect to any compost!



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