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Hi everyone, we're doing a bit of landscaping in our garden and have some topsoil - ordinary London garden soil - to give away.

I've sieved it through a one inch mesh to get rid of any big lumps or stones and packed it into clean heavy duty bags - about 20 bags around 20 kg each. There's no knotweed in the surrounding area or any other significant contaminants that I'm aware of.

Send me a private message (click here for info) if you're interested, and I'll put the bags in the front garden for you to collect. It's heavy so you'll need a vehicle, or a wheelbarrow if you're close by - we're in the Hermitage Road area.

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Hi Tris - we’d like the soil for our garden. Have sent you a pm.

Hi Tris , we would be interested too if there's any soil left. We are on Hermitage road. 

And if there is any after that... could I have some please 

hi there, and if there's still any left I'd like some too please!

Thanks all, I’ve had a few enquiries about this but I’ll let you know if there’s any left over.

I take it, that your garden is all finished now.

Hi Colin, the garden is an ongoing project but we don’t have any more soil to spare for the time being, sorry!



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