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Correction to phone number!      07790 254 251          Sorry!   Joy

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Sorry, I haven't seen your message - did you use the incorrect number?  In any case, see my other reply, which came in a bit before yours, according to the above time, and she is probably collecting it tonight. If not, watch this space!   Thanks for the interest.   Joy

So I've been thinking about keeping chickens but very worried about the fox population around here. Was that a problem?

someone is coming tonight and will probably have the Omlet.  If not, I'll contact you again.  The 'run' needs to be added, and the commercial one has a sort of skirt, which stops burrowing underneath.

The website is www.omlet.co.uk/shop/chicken-keeping/eglu_classic 

Good luck if you get started!   Joy

The hen house has now been collected, so is no longer available - thanks for your interest.   Joy



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