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Organic, free range kittens (!) last 2 of a litter of 5. Black with slight white touches, one male, one female. Totally bonkers and turning my house upside down - they are about 8 weeks old and ready to go in 2 weeks. Could only photograph one as neither will stay still long enough for a photo.

These are free to a good home - all I ask is that you innoculate and neuter them. You'll need to get injections immediately and then another set of jabs in 3 weeks time. A local vet has quoted £50 per kitten for this. The kittens will need to be neutered in about 2 months time at a cost of around £60 per kitten. You'll also need to talk to the vet about worming, flea treatments etc.

Cats can live up to 18 years and it costs about £6-10 a week to feed them. They need fresh water every day and human contact, as well as a scratching post, toys and outside space. Please bear this in mind when taking on a kitten.

If you are interested, you are welcome to view the kittens over the next 2 weeks - please add me as a connection to message me. I'll arrange for a home visit to make sure your property is suitable. They are ready to be rehomed from about the end of September.

I'd rather they went as a pair but appreciate this isn't always possible.

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