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I have this TV - Hisense 50 Inch H50B7300UK Smart 4K HDR LED TV

I have absolutely no idea how to set up a Freeview on it - menu comes up but when I select any channels nothing happens, just a grey screen.

Few idiot questions (apologies, laugh all you like but please help if you can)

I live in a conversion, 3 flats, no communal aearial or communal dish and landlord (L&Q) refuses to install one.

So to be able to view ANYTHING, so far I had own satelite dish and Sky subscription despite never really watching Sky.

The plan was get a smart TV and ditch Sky all together and just watch free view and Netflix etc.

Set up Netflix, working fine but for the life of me can not set up Freeview - I looked on the Freeview pages but can not follow at all, menu is different and no idea what to press.

So a stupid question now - do I need to have the Sky box on to watch Freeview? TV ha a build in freeview so I thought I will not need the Sky box with it (idea was to ditch Sky and their crazy prices).

Can I tune Freeview without the Sky box?

Completely confused - can anyone help with some advice?


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You will need an aerial. Depending on where you are and on surrounding buildings, you may manage with a set-top or internal aerial. Sainsbury's sell them. If you can see the top of the Alexandra Palace tower you should have no problem. 

Then you will have to get the TV to scan to find and memorise the channels. There should be an option on the menu button to "install " channels automatically.

You should not need to use the SKY box.

Thanks John, so no way of getting away from Sky then - as alternative to aerial plug back into Sky box? Freeview seems to be fine when I turn Sky box on. As it says build in freeview I was hoping it will work without (yeas I did say idiot questions so thanks)

No way I can get aerial here

SKY box is irrelevant. As said above, get a set top aerial.

Right, going for this one as comes n top on reviews...


this one here

OK, something like that is what you should try. I'm away until Friday but  will come round if you are still having problems.

I don't use sky, but it's my understanding that you don't need a subscription to view the free to air channels.

Thanks John, appreciated but hope to sort this out myself.

Just cancelled Sky TV, never watch it anyway. The aerial will arrive on Friday so will try it then.

Sky asked me to send back the box, was hoping they will not ask but they did and there is a £100.00 fee if I do not so.. indoor aerial will be much cheaper - if it works.

I only kept the broadband and managed to bring the price down to £21.00 per month. Sky broadband is very reliable where I am so no point changing that as prices of other providers are higher and I read a few horror stories about say Virgin broadband and Talk Talk so stayed with Sky. They will be sending a new modem with a booster as well for free so all good.

Thanks again

The satellite used by Sky also has Freesat on it, which is basically the satellite version of Freeview, with very similar channels - https://www.freesat.co.uk/switching-is-easy/sky/

Some TVs come with Freesat built in, otherwise you can get a box (e.g. Humax), including ones with hard drives for recording shows & access to streaming/catch up apps like BBC iPlayer etc.

If your indoor Freeview aerial doesn't work well enough then Freesat could be a good option.

Thanks MIchael - so I could pug the cable the runs from the sat dish directly into the TV? 

I have to send the Sky bx back but not the dish... or am I am proving myself to be even more stupid than yesterday?

TV has a build in freeview

Late to this, but can I  add an extra comment. OF course, first try the aerial as you are doing now. Your TV has a Freeview compatible viewer (see https://www.freeview.co.uk for details), as well as native catch up apps like iPlayer.

The only issue will be whether the aerial you get is sufficient to receive the full range of HD channels. This will be a matter of testing to find out - plug it in and experiment. Read the manual of your TV so that when you have the aerial plugged in, you can scan for all the digital channels it can receive. With luck you will get a lot.

If you do have  problems, you will have to think whether what you have is sufficient. Since you own a satellite dish you should be able to use this:


You would need to buy a box, but this would take the satellite signal and convert it for your TV. This will only be needed if your reception is bad. Freesat has no subscription: in fact your old Sky box will act as a Freesat viewer if they have not taken it back. When your sky subscription is closed you lose only the sky and subscription channels.

Secondly, you should hook your TV up to the broadband router, preferably by an ethernet cable rather than wireless if you can. You have several viewer apps in the TV - player, netflix, ITV, 4od etc - which can be used to receive HD over the internet, rather than by aerial. This might help if you have reception problems.

Probably this confuses you more, but may be useful.

Charles thanks - I did mention I need to send the sky box back so that option is out.

Netflix etc all work fine on wireless and no problem with those



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