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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Friday night - Thief working Ladder roads ..blatantly following and opening backpack. Must be desperate.


tonight I was followed up Hewitt Road about 9.20 by someone..I thought a neighbour friend was playing a game creeping up on me..and then heard my back pack zip being undone..I swirled round and saw this guy who was helping himself to the contents of my bag! it happened so quickly but as I challenged him..calling out but nobody came to help !..he backed off then dived into a rubbish bin in a garden we were outside and pelted me with rubbish bags swearing loudly in a East European language I couldn't properly identify.

I was of course lucky but next time his desperation might lead him to another way..who knows.

Description: Swarthy 5 foot' nothing..wearing a dark blue black jacket and jeans I think..smallish beard..because he was a little uncoordinated ...drugs?..I could have run away from him. Just to let you know.

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That's scary and potentially traumatic. Glad you sound OK and thank you for the heads up.

Thankfully he doesn't appear to be exactly the sharpest criminal mind of the era so he should be nicked soon. Did you tell the police?

no I haven't yet..not sure if my description is good enough.

Sounds good enough to link to other similar things he attempts.

...Thanks Shariq..I'll attempt a look up of local police website..unless you know that and I'd be grateful for the info..thought I'd have to visit a police station..but they've all been closed around here! Ha!

The best number to call is 101 as this not a crime in progress anymore. At the very least it's a data point and helps with statistics about crime in the area.

thanks Shafiq..have found the online reporting form.

No woffies! :)

Definitely report this Barbara please - glad you are ok...

Curious a bit though, if you did not recognise the language - why do you say it was Eastern European language?

sounded Albanian...as I have worked with speakers in the past but not sure. 

I see, glad you are ok but please do report

thanks for your kind words Anka.

Cor blimey, that does sound extraordinarily bold. Sorry you had to experience that.

Did he look stoned?

Defo worth reporting.  If not for yourself then for the next poor victim.



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