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The Islington Gazette is reporting today:


Friends of Finsbury Park campaigners could restrict private events in parks across London

Legal action by campaigners trying to stop Wireless Festival in Finsbury Park could end up restricting events across the whole of London.

The Friends of Finsbury Park failed with a bid to ban the event last year after taking Haringey Council to a judicial review on grounds the park was being overused for private functions.

But the group did win an appeal to challenge Mr Justice Supperstone’s decision, which will take place at the Court of Appeal on November 2.

If they win the appeal, the ruling will not ban commercial events, but it will restrict the number of days they go on for and the size – and will apply to every council in the capital.

“This is not just about protecting Finsbury Park and safeguarding it for future generations,” said FOFP campaigner Tom Palin. “It will decide whether parks will be protected for local communities against commercial over-exploitation, or given away indefinitely for local authorities to hire out to whoever they want, for however long, regardless of its condition or the customer.”

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I’m sure somebody will correct me if I’m wrong here, but I don’t think the ruling says or even implies that, so I’ve no idea how the friends have arrived at that conclusion!
Reading the FoFP statement and the actual court judgement you’d think they were in different rooms at the time



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