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I am planning to get rid of some garden waste involving a wooden fence and the greenery  attached to it. I  have looked at hiring a skip for 2 days as advised by the gardener, but the cost  seems very high ( I am in a neighbouring borough) as it involves a skip licence as well as a parking suspension permit.

A better option could be a waste disposal service pick up.  Does anybody have any personal recommendations?

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hippo bags from homebase get collected - i have used manytimes - EXCELLENT and economical https://www.homebase.co.uk/search/products?q=hippo&facets=Categ... 

Hi Geraldine, thanks for this.

. Wonder if my council would collect as "bulky"from my front garden.

I guess this is how you used the bags?

Hippo bags may be the best / cheapest option for this but you'd need to break the fence panels down to fit in the bag. Look up Clearabee as well - prices for bags are about the same but I think they offer a bit more flexibility.

There are lots of small contractors out there who offer a collection service but they aren't the best option if you've got a lot of heavy rubble or soil to get rid of because the vans they use don't carry a lot of weight. Personally I'm a bit uneasy about using those as I suspect some of them flytip their loads.

If you really need a skip, you can get around the whole council permit business by booking a wait and load service which gives you about an hour to fill the skip. Bear in mind that normally they do the waiting and you do the loading!

Hi, Tris, thanks for the rec.

I do not envisage soil, just branches and the wooden panels from the fence.

I am calling my council on Monday to see if these qualify as "bulky waste" and if they would collect it.

i have a very small front garden - https://www.hippowaste.co.uk/?infinity=ict2~net~gaw~ar~255414900933... - obvs, up to you- have fun

Thanks Geraldine. Didn't know about these and they seem to be a great option.

just hire a 'man and van' to take it to the nearest recycling centre - or get a zipvan and do it yourself

Gumtree is probably your best bet. You'll find tonnes of disposal ads and I wouldn't expect to pay more than £50 tops.

Hi, you could chop it into pieces and place bits in your ‘general waste’ each week.  This week I got rid of an old kitchen unit by cutting into dustbin sized with a jig-saw (only tywo-three cuts). This is free, dousn’t Involve any addition road miles as the cart was coming anyway. General waste is burned in an efficient and (relatively) environmentally friendly incinerator.  You are perfectly entitled to put ‘anything that cannot be recycled’ into your general waste.  Even if you have to buy the saw for the job, probably a worthwhile investment for next time.

Please don’t use a ware disposal service unless they prove they will use a proper dump,  very likely fly tip.



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