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Can someone explain what I'm meant to do?

I have a v small garden & do little to it, so haven't invested £75 to get waste cleared.  This month I had someone do some hacking at overgrown plants.  I put the bags in the general waste bin, but the Veolia staff took them out & left them.  I have no transport to take them wherever they might go. 

I'm not prepared to spend £75 for two bags. 

Any ideas?

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So I'm thinking of getting a hotbin and putting it in my front yard so I can take other people's garden waste as well.  I could then use the compost for our communal planters (I live on Warham Road near the New River), which are doing pretty badly as they could do with better soil.  If enough people are willing to contribute, then I can take everyone's garden waste in perpetuity! Please DM me if you are interested.




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