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Apologies if I'm wrong but I thought today was the last day of 'free collection' for garden waste?

Put the bag outside, wasn't collected. Before I call tomorrow I thought I'd check in case I am wrong.

Thanks in advance.

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The Council have introduced a charge of £75 per year to cover garden waste--on top of Council Tax which is set at one of the highest in the country. Free collections of 'white goods' have also been binned. This was, you may wish to note, strongly opposed by Haringey's eight opposition councillors (all LibDem). 

Mine was taken today - I half expected it not to be. It's still free this week, so call them.

Mine was not collected either (nor was my food scraps). Allison Rd. This week was supposed to be the last free week. Have reported missed collection.
Mine was missed too (and the food waste). Rang Veolia and they said that there was a problem with the collection vehicle and they'd be playing catch up today (Thursday). Still think it's worth ringing Nick as it's the last free garden waste collection so you don't want to get forgotten about

Reply received:

Thank you for your response. I can confirm bio recycling crews are running behind schedule this week and a crew has been deployed today and to collect all outstanding recycling.

I kindly request for your patience on this occasion. On behalf of Haringey Veolia may I apologise sincerely for the oversight.
Phew. Thanks for this. Mine is sitting outside, hopefully the last lawn mow of the season!

Mine was collected from my green hessian bag yesterday (Tuesday) but recycling collected today.I have arranged to share a garden bin with two neighbours. Rang VEOLIA last Tuesday, man took all my details said I would get a call to arrange it....No call, will have to ring them later today. 

I am on North View Road. This is not a new thought by any mean, but It is utter madness to stop use of the green hessian bags which can be taken in and put away. Now we are going to have hideous brown bins spoiling the look of our streets. I certainly don't want to keep carting garden waste to Western Road and i doubt if many people will. There was talk of getting somebody with van to collect and take it to Western Road, but they don't let vans in unless it has a special pass. No idea what the conditions are to get a pass, but one of them will almost certainly be handing over a Kings Ransom for the privilege. They have got us by the proverbial ***** and Curlies I am afraid...No surprises really,

Just discovered VEOLIA on The Stock Exchange, had a quick look, I'm afraid it meant nothing to me. It does of course meantthey have Shareholders to account to.....No doubt there are people in this group who understand the Stock Market and can explain to the rest of us how successful the Company is. They are of course in some sort of partnership with Haringey Council - wonder how that works with one half quoted on the Stock Market and the other half doing what Councils do (or don't do).....

This week is the last collection (free).  If you call and sign up for the new collection and pay for it they will continue to collect garden waste from the current bags until they deliver your new bin (large or small) or new bags.  This is what they told me when I called yesterday. Ps they said they would call people who registered to take payment, but the email I got yesterday said you had to call them.



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