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is there a local gas cooker repairer?     I've just spent some considerable time trying to find someone to repair my Beko but each time I fill in a form on the internet, I'm contacted by several companies, each one expensive    please advise     Sally Mustoe

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Try A&P Gas 8802 6969. 

You could also ask the Real Appliances shop in Crouch End, though I don't know if they do gas as well as electric appliances.

This link here from a couple of years ago has a few recommendations for local people.

I put a message on your page.

I would try Lisa she sorted our boiler out before Christmas.  

how do I contact Lisa?   claire: no sign of your message?   I replied that I bought my Beko gas cooker from Real just 3 years ago but they no longer do gas repairs    Beko can only offer a year's agreement of over a hundred   grateful for help    SM



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