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Any recommendations other than Rentokill ?

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Buy a Cat. Worked for me. 

Ha, ha !  Its not allowed 

Just get a cat, i was against it. So glad we rescued one! 

a. they are awesome 

b. get rid of all vermin

c. Many need homes

= win win win

(obviously circumstances permitted) 

yeah agreed. Get a cat. Will be sorted in a night

I have 4 - they sorted a serious mouse infestation in the flat when I moved in here.

So now I have no mice in the flat BUT the buggers bring me dead ones when they catch them outside. They also brought 3 dead rats in the past 2 years.

Try JG Pest Control. 03300539001

Haringey offer a service.  Price list and details via the link below


Are you renting? If so is it not your landlord who should be dealing with this? 

Diamond pest control

beg borrow steal or otherwise acquire a CAT

Foster a cat... no lifetime commitment and a win win situation

These guys were good and the most reasonably priced quote we had




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