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Taken down from outside our house this morning. The poor thing was on its last legs - a strong gust of wind and it would have been flat out on the road



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Oh no. It's always a real shame to see a street denuded of trees. Would it be too fanciful to hope thatwith the right degree of arboricultural care we could preserve more trees in the borough?

Usually the council wait a couple of years for any disease in the soil to abate and then they replace street trees. They are not always aware of trees needing replacement so a reminder doesn't go amiss.

It's not always disease that occasions a tree's removal. Often it's the threat of. or early signs of, subsidence that a tree might be causing. Wary of an increase in insurance claims against councils, Haringey is much quicker to remove trees these days.

With funding cuts, tree replacement is rarely a matter of course any longer. They plant trees as and when they can.

This one was very old and had been showing signs of disease for a few years.  Some work was carried out to the crown on a couple of occasions but old age took over I’m afraid

For £250, you can sponsor a replacement. I see that they still offer rowan as an option.

We have now been waiting over two years for the council to plant a tree outside of our house that we'd need to pay for ourselves and they just can't get themselves organised. Does anyone have any tips how to escalate or 'make it happen'? Thanks, M

the trees and allotments department is totally understaffed at the moment - only 2 of them to cover everything - and no budget.  Blame austerity

What a shame. Is there anything we can do as a community to help prevent and control diseases to the trees (apart from using harsh chemicals)? We’ve had a couple go down on our road over the past few years.

What really saw the poor tree off were a number a collisions and bashes from vehicles, especially high sided vans and lorries whose drivers don’t think to look up when parking   There are a couple in my street that have had whole branches crushed or completely broken

Having said that the tree was mature when we moved in 34 years ago so must have been knocking 70 or 80 years old which I think is pretty good going for a Rowan 

Sad :<(



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