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Significant amount of graffiti on walls, street bins and lampposts along the

ladder today. References to “Samosa Gang” and Gola Mob. 

Might be vandalism or more worryingly gang related. Guess council is responsible

for removing graffiti from lamp posts and bins but what about graffiti on passage walls?

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Yes contact the council - using the Harringay app is actually pretty effective. Where abouts was it?

I’m glad you’ve raised this topic because I have been trying for over a month to get some graffiti removed in the Passage and am now at the point of raising an official complaint. Can people please report it and follow up if it’s not removed. It doesn’t matter if they get multiple reports, quite the opposite in fact.

Up until now, the graffiti removal service has been very quick to respond and I am very concerned at both this explosion of graffiti and the very slow reaction from the council to removing it.

I have also asked Councillor Brabazon to look into this but to be honest I think three reports of the same graffiti is enough to start complaint procedures.

You should need a license to purchase spray paint. If they had to sit there with brushes for hours I'd be more inclined to leave it there.

I can’t lie Haringey sub out graffiti removal to a company who are very shoddy at what they do. My office was tagged some years ago and as one side faces a High Road they had that tag only removed which I did not ask for as I still had painters on site and hadn’t completed a refurb of the premises so was no real issue. I only reported it so there was a record in case it became a repeat problem. The removal company used some type of chemical to remove it by their own admission which reacted with the paint and had now caused the timber panel to rot! I reported it to Haringey who passed it to there insurance team to investigate. The investigation went as far as asking me for photos and asking the company if they had done it, the company originally denied the job, then denied use of chemicals admitting the job but denying damage. Haringey was satisfied with this and told me that my brand new timber panels must have been rotting already as this is what they where told and where satisfied their contractor had not caused the issue because they said so! Funny how none of my other timber panels they didn’t touch, or even the parts of the panel they did remove a tag on that where not treated to any kind of graffiti removal chemical or otherwise are not effected!

on a more happy note I wouldn’t be worried about any gangs calling themselves the samosa mob at all, sounds about as threatening and violent as a pasty like... well.. a samosa!

Diwali graffiti?



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