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We run a Harringay-based street food business & want to carry out a brand refresh (new logo etc).

We would like to use a local business/freelancer who gets the street food vibe and can design something creative, eye-catching & high end. We have some ideas ourselves but would really value new input.

Please get in touch if you are that person or have some good recommendations.

Thanks for your time.

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Tattersall, Hammarling & Silk:  http://www.ths.co.uk/

based at The Chocolate Factory, Wood Green are excellent.

Thanks Matthew, I'll get in contact. 

Very nice of Mattthew to recommend us! We are a very small company, based at The Chocolate Factory in Wood Green. We work with a lot of small businesses, and some big ones too. We would love to work with you. Perhaps we could meet up, with no obligation and with no cost, to chat through the project. Please get in touch through the website: http://www.ths.co.uk/

Kate Tattersall

Hi Mel,
Would love to learn more about your project, I'm sure it's something I can help you with.
Hi Mel

I live off green lanes and run a design agency in Islington.

We have already helped a few local companies, producing logos for The Learning Station and Stepping Out on the high street near the ladders.

We would live to help out on what sounds like a cool project.

Here is our website address http://www.stonecreativedesign.com/
where you can see done of our previous work and you can also find our contact details there.


Hi Mel,
Definitely a street food person – I loved the Tottenham Green offerings (hope they come back). I have been a graphic designer for a long time and although freelance, I am not a business as such. It's just me. Most of my work now comes from local people who want a logo/brand, a revamp, a flyer or poster or just advice. My focus is communication. What does the business feel like and who is the target audience? Getting these right will be key to producing what you're looking for.
All the best

Hi Mel,

You've probably already found someone to help...but if you haven't then I might be able to assist. I'm a Art director / book designer specialising in food & drink. You can see some of my work on behance: https://www.behance.net/georginahewitt

Whilst mostly working on books and print design I do also dip in and out of logo design. I'm actually just helping a local lady with branding for a new market. Yes Harringey will have another!

Anyway do get in touch if you want any more information or just want to meet up to chat through ideas.

Thanks for all your wonderful suggestions so far. We're going to spend some time looking at this next week (after a hectic weekend's trading!). Thanks, Mel



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