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3.00 pm ish - They have just started digging up the road outside Harringay arena, Green Lanes on that side of the road by bus stop.  It  is adding to an already very congested system taking the weight of Wightman road closures.  Just thought you might want to avoid if poss. Not sure how long they will be there. 

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Who's digging up. Thames water again?

I reckon the digging is only a marginal contributor to an already highly congested and polluted road. I've really noticed the additional smog since last summer and have had to alter the way I walk my kids to and from school as a result.

It has gone now. Thank goodness.  I agree Osbawn. The pollution is just awful and even worse now. 
Sorry Alan I didn’t see. They have gone now but left a hole. Maybe realised what impact it was gonna have so have left for another time. 

On Wednesday night I was faster walking down Grim Lanes than three police cars and motorbikes with their lights flashing and sirens blaring. That's not how things are meant to be!


But true.

Sorry Osbawn but I was responding to Nickies comment.

No problem.

They should suspend all parking on Green Lanes during peak hour traffic in general and esp during the part closure  of Wightman Road. But then the local businesses wouldn't be happy and it seems this council is more interested in those than the health of the local population . Parking suspension would free up the bus lanes and encourage the use of public transport 

Completely agree!

Yes totally agree. I know there isn't space on GL for 2 bus lanes but even one full time would make a big difference, imo.



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