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This particular admirer of Hala, the family run Turkish restaurant, was delighted to find it had reopened after a brief interval while it expanded into the space next door. The interior has been completely refurbished, furniture, decor, floors, lights, cooking ranges, private rooms, toilets, the lot. I have always enjoyed excellent food and service there but, along with the facelift, the staff now behave as though they all spent the interval on an intensive team building course on how to treat customers. The quality of the food is unchanged and I think I noticed an addition or two to the menu, eg hamburgers, for those who want a change from Turkish tradition.

The new decor has a restrained dash of bling, except in the toilets where the bling is somewhat less restrained. You'll know what I mean when you sit on it.

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Also a big fan of Hala but for me the service is still as patchy as it has always been. Also a 300ml bottle of efes is now £4.50 which is scandalous.

I have to say these renovations don’t change the food they just put pounds onto every menu item. Same has happened in Diyarbakir, Gokyuzu and Devran.

A few years ago eating in Turkish restaurants used to be cheap. Crystal in WG high rd when it was smaller was around £20 for a meal for 2. It re-opened as a much larger restaurant and it's now around £40-50 for the same meal for 2. Turkish was once a cheap option but since the rise of the larger, flashier restaurants it's become much less so. 



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