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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I'm delighted to report that Harringay has a new kid on the block. A big welcome to Harringay Local Store, a new deli and grocer run by Harringay locals Paul and Ebony Harding.

I had to get down and see for myself on opening day and fill a wee bag with goodies. Loved the vibe, and they're worked hard to create a great look, from the polished concrete floor to the counter made from a recycled school basketball court.

Harringay Local Store's basketball court counter is pure genius

Your hosts Paul & Ebony

There's a great selection of goodies, including fresh bread, chutneys, pickles, some wonderfully innovative jams and marmalades and.....oooh, you just need to get down and see for yourself!

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Looks great. Do you happen to know where their bread is sourced?

Looks great, can't wait to visit. 

Great pictures!

I had a look in too and will definitely go back - really pleased to see a number of things that aren't available anywhere else on Green Lanes including a good range of rice, smoked salmon, free range ham. Like Pav I got tempted by the amazing range of jams and marmalades. Probably most importantly, they also stock Beavertown pale ale .. Didn't notice whether they had cheese or yoghurt or what range they had. 

This is the best addition yet since I moved here 2 years ago. I will ensure I get there at least once a week to support the shop!
The range is great and I am looking forward to trying some of the lovely wines.

All we need now is a wine bar with cheese and meats...

Did they pay for this ad? No problem if they did; it's just nice to know.

As much as I feel inclined to give you short shrift, let me take your question at face value. It's not an ad and Paul and Ebony didn't ask me to write anything nor did they pay anything, nor were asked to. Unequivocal enough?

(You've clearly been paying too much attention to one person's local twitter twaddle, Osbawn.) 

Thanks, Pav. No specific pics of the counter. I was just taking some happy snaps for the site, but you're right the counter is worth a decent pic or two.

Thanks for the medium shrift Hugh. it was a genuine question and, as I said, I don't mind if it was an ad I just wanted to know.

I'm not on Twitter nor do I read it so am not sure what you're on about re twaddle.


Ditto. I think...

I'm very grateful to have new openings in the area brought to my attention - a very valuable service.

Popped in yesterday and was very impressed with the beer selection: Redemption, Beavertown, Kernel (unless I've just made that up), Crate, Tiny Rebel, Little Creatures, Brewdog and others that I forget. Will save me having to schlep across to Crouch End or Stroud Green when I'm after some beers for indoors. Competitively priced too with friendly service; a very welcome addition to the area and looking forward to seeing their full range of food products once they're fully up and running.  

I shall pay a visit at the weekend.  Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  I had heard on the grapevine that a deli would be opening, but not when.  Where is it on Greenlanes?



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