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I'm delighted to report that Harringay has a new kid on the block. A big welcome to Harringay Local Store, a new deli and grocer run by Harringay locals Paul and Ebony Harding.

I had to get down and see for myself on opening day and fill a wee bag with goodies. Loved the vibe, and they're worked hard to create a great look, from the polished concrete floor to the counter made from a recycled school basketball court.

Harringay Local Store's basketball court counter is pure genius

Your hosts Paul & Ebony

There's a great selection of goodies, including fresh bread, chutneys, pickles, some wonderfully innovative jams and marmalades and.....oooh, you just need to get down and see for yourself!

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It's between Allison & Beresford.

Great new addition. I wish the guys the best of luck.

Has anyone noticed that this end of green lanes is really picking up and looks much nicer and now more interesting than the bridge end? From the bridge to antepliler now looks really tatty and down at heel compared to the other end. No new shops are opening at the bridge end either. Just wondered why this was?

Wait till Tramp opens on the corner of Lothair. The place is going to be amazing!

Any word on how long that wait is? Seems to be taking some time.

Imminent - and yes it's taken a long time, but some things are worth the wait. I spoke with Haldun just before Xmas and he said he'd be opening early part of this year. I'll be talking with him again next week.

Great. Thanks for the update.  I look forward to it.

No change as far as I'm aware. It's a labour of love for Haldun.

Is Tramp going to be a french restaraunt?

Some will have you believe it's the N4/N8 divide. The more likely reason is cheaper rents in the N8 end. The landlords of the South got greedy and this is the result.



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