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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Sham 69 what a band, angels with dirty faces"    anyway a neighbour on my floor (6 flats) lovely un well senior lady has just moved out of her one bed because its too small, her son looks after her. They have no living room as the both rooms are now bedrooms,  Haringey council said they cant offer them a two bed so they privately rented a two bed with Haringey council now pay double the rent. On my floor theres another one bed empty and has been for about a year. A third of the flats empty on my floor  yet people are sleeping rough and sofa surfing.   "Hang their empty beds in shame" I say.  

Haringangels with dempty places

Clean'em up and tighten your layces 

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I wonder if them empty properties will be taxed heavily!  Hows this for a bit of art.  A pile of dirty throw out mattresses each one representing all the empty properties in London. 

Grammar punctuation police use your resources elsewhere!  :-)

Yup, it's awful. I wonder how empty the new blocks in the Finsbury Park development will be. 

Keats, is your block due for demolition? Maybe that's why they're empty but (if that is the case) they could be in use temporarily.

Hi man.  That's tangmere and northholt.   I'm in the other tower.  

Are they keeping places empty to move Tangmere and Northolt residents into or have they already moved out of those blocks?

Circle 33 (now Clarion Housing) own the house next to mine which contains 2 1bed flats (which could easily be a 2 bed for people in housing need, with one room a living room/bedroom. The whole house was vacated last year and they should have sold it to build four more suitable 1beds elsewhere.  They left the whole thing empty for a full 12 months. The ground floor with a massive, potentially lovely, garden has now been empty for 18 months. I’ve given up communication with Clariion, they are a faceless behemoth.  Surely there must be somebody who would love to rent this flat?



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