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Was thinking. West green rd doesn't have a charity shop. Then got to thinking does Tottenham have any charity shops? Oh yeah theres one in bruce grove (scope I think) Haringay has two I believe??C end and M hill have wicked charity shops. Money round there thats why.   The price of a tangerine doubles from bruce to muswell hill.   

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2 charity shops on Tott High Rd I think. One is pretty new.

Yes there are. I got a brand new high end dress at one of them, not sure of the brand as identifying details had been cut out. It's a factory second as it has a couple of minor flaws.

I’m a charity shop fiend Keats.  Always go to ones where the rich folks live.  Cracking bargains.

You know the drill bredrin :-)  having said that not in not in ill though.     Notting hill.   When you come from "under the erf at Notting hill station its so disappointing. now theres shabby.    Shaaaaaaaby!! every building without a chimney breast should be flattened. :-) :-) :-)   But as you know when you hit the back streets going up to Holland park. (Both ways actually) all you can do is gawp at the architecture.    Monster properties.  I wonder if ken&chel are the biggest landlords in Notting hill? Do royal people and rich folk own a lot of them houses?   What percentage of the properties in Haringey do Haringey council own?

I wonder! :~}

There are three along the Harringay stretch of Green Lanes.

There at least three in wood green

Sorry I meant Michael.  

I always thought charity shops were a reflection of high rents and rates, not the wealth of any particular neighbourhood.



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