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On bank holiday Monday toxic waste was burning all day at Haringey Boro Football Club on White Hart Lane sending a pall of filthy stink and ash around the entire area. I photographed the event and contacted the club secretary who did not reply. I then contacted local councillors and Cllr Gideon Bull contacted the chair of the club and was assured it would not happen again. Just the other day I noticed the same again and took a video. It is clear that waste rubbish is being burned on a regular basis and the club isn't bothered. Cllr Bull says he will contact the relevant enforcement team, but with cuts etc, I'm not holding much hope. The gentleman I spoke to on the site seemed to feel there was no problem at all. It's clear the club are at worst sanctioning it by inaction. If anyone has any contact with the club please raise this matter. Here is the youtube link


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I wonder if its anything to do with the recycling of Metals on the site

Where they burn off the plastics from Wire. Which does give off similar white stinking smoke

Nope. Just burning a lot of rubbish to save them the bother or expense of disposing of it legally.

This could be a stall holder at the end of one of the popular markets held at the site. The car boot sale there is  popular and causes traffic congestion in White Hart Lane. 

I know exactly who it is. It's the football club burning rubbish.

Case for Haringey Enforcement Team to visit and sort.                                                              With today's fines would not have thought they would risk it

As Sure I have seen Refuse Bins when driving through

Also understood their was a team that cleared up rubbish after Car Boot Sales

From original picture , was sure they was burning plastic off Wire

As their is a Scrap Firm on Site



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