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Hello all.

I need to make a further payment for my resident parking permit as I paid too little when I applied online for my new permit, so I need to make an additional payment. I can't get through to anyone on the phone in parking services as they keep disconnecting my calls due to "Unexpected high call volumes" and to be honest its getting annoying.

My question is....

is there an office that I can go to to make this additional payment?

I can't pay online as this additional payment is part of my ongoing application (I have a Ref No issued to me from Haringey Parking Services)


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You can go to Wood Green Library where they have a "Customer Service Centre". Take a good book!


“Take a good book.”  To a library?....Things really are getting bad. 

If the time fits in with you, go to Wood Green library after 3pm, it's usually fairly empty then. Very busy in morning and early afternoon.

Dont go to the library they will send you away as they dont deal with parking permits, you need to go to the Tottenham Green leisure centre, inside is the Marcus Garvey library, on the top floor of the library you will find the harringey parking permits department, they should be able to help. please note only open mon-fri 9-5

That's not correct, Jamal. They do deal with parking permits at the library I was there myself for that very reason a few weeks before Christmas. 

As Charlotte says, they may be quicker at Tottenham, but I have no experience of that location.

It may depend on your postcode - rent/Housing Benefit etc are Marcus Garvey for N17 and N15, Wood Green for N22 etc.

Go to the office in the Tottenham library, it's much quicker. 

Yes - I went to Wood Green Library and it was min. 1.5 hour wait so I left.  Next day went to Marcus Garvey library and had minimal wait - very efficient and nice person dealing with me who had as dim a view of Haringey Council parking permit system as the rest of us.

Hello all. I got it sorted yesterday. I posted the same question on Haringey's Facebook page and I received a call within 20 minutes and I made the extra payment over the phone and I printed off my permit minutes later at home. I have to give credit where its due and praise Haringey for their quick response on their FB page. Just a shame that their phone contact service is hopeless.

Many thanks to all who replied to my question.

That's surprising and good to hear. Thanks for updating us, Alan.

You can sigh and relax for another year now...



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