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With a report last year rating Haringey as the second worst borough in the country for Fly-tippng, Haringey last week published its latest five-year plan to tackle the problem.

Launched amidst much hoo-ha, the Council’s latest fly tipping strategy has hopes of halving the number of illegal waste dumps from the current level of 33,000 a year through a combination of education and enforcement.

Haringey have published two different documents on the strategy. There's a Strategy Document, clearly aimed at the general public, and a more practical Action Plan, the audience for which is unclear. Both are attached below.

The action plan identifies three clusters of action:

  • Early intervention
  • Prevention
  • Enforcement

The strategy document presents the same information in a different way and includes a section comparing teh old approach with the new on page 9.

Also included is a 'heat map' indicating where the most reports are in the borough. The text explains,  "whilst fly-tipping occurs in areas all over Haringey, the corridor down Tottenham High Road has the highest levels of fly-tipping. More fly-tips also occur in West Green and in Wood Green".

Map of Haringey showing fly-tips reported in the borough during 2017/18

In its opening pages, the strategy document sets out is key elements, as follows:

  • Promoting civic pride through community champions, friends groups, resident associations, traders and schools.

  • Working with local communities and partners:

    • to increase awareness of fly-tipping problems,the cost to residents and traders in collecting anddisposing of fly-tips and the negative impact that fly-tipping creates for their local area; and then

    • to identify, prioritise and then remove these fly-tipping hot spots across the borough.

  • Taking an intelligence led approach to the enforcementof fly-tipping, understanding the profile of fly-tippersand utilising the most appropriate legislation to enforce against them and change behaviours.

  • Explaining to the Magistrates the social andenvironmental impacts that fly-tipping causes to promote realistic sentencing

  • Working with Probation to create community payback schemes on environmental improvements to increase Magistrates’ sentencing options.

What do you think? Will it work or is this more hype than action?

Note: Here is Haringey's current fly-tipping page

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* Beg Liz Ixer to become plenipotentiary rubbish/recycling Tsarina/Tsaritsa for a year.


Hi I think we have met at Railway Fields before.

Firstly would you be a street champion where you live? 

1. Great idea. We should lobby for this. Robert Thiaru based at Chestnuts Community Centre is trying arrange something similar at the centre. This will also involve a day of seminars. 

2. Something to follow up on. What would you like to see in that info?

3. Great idea. More info less guff. 

4. This is the major problem. What annoys is that my 3 year old gets it. He joined me on the litter pick in the park. Schools presentations have been made. They get it. But there is a generation of adults who want to fester in their own s**t. Those people are not active in forums like this and have no civic pride. I live next door to some! 

5. As you know through your activity on the Parks forums we already have an establish band of active participants. When you start to look Haringey has a huge amount of groups with an environmental agenda. They just don't necessarily talk to each other. That if what I have found from TidyUpTottenham so far. 

- Specific campaign for Green Lanes - Love your Lane

-Haringey Guerilla Gardeners are leading some of that fight to green up streets. Take back ownership. 

- Love you bins campaign. Lets get kids artwork on bins to make it really visible. Image Green Lanes turned into a long gallery of bin art. 

6a - Can we push businesses on Green Lanes/ West Green Road...etc to have a bottle deposit scheme that then gives residents discounts to spend in the local areas? 

6b - Haringey Friends of the Earth did a great unwrap at Tesco on the High Road to highlight the matter. But how far that helps I don't know. There is the unit in Wood Green which does away with packaging. We need more of those. Would this be something Haringey Local Store could do more of? 

6c - Blame - HMOs are a big issue. Not enough bins for all the people for a start. As soon as bins overflow it attracts more mess. 

6d - Well timed mailouts. I think the Christmas tree disposal was a good idea. Certainly less trees on the streets after Christmas. 

As some others have pointed out, there needs to be work carried out with HMOs.  I’m a regular user of the app to report dumping and end up sending reports about the same properties again and again.  It not good enough just to pick up the rubbish, that provides a perverse incentive to dump if the outcome is that is magically disappears.  The addresses need to be visited, residents spoken to and the landlord (and it is landlords or their agents who leave out mattresses at the end of a tenancy) told robustly what they result of their actions are.

I’m with Liz on community clear out days.  They were a controlled and managed way for households to get rid of larger items and provided pickings for those who wanted to reuse.  Everyone won.

Can you follow TidyUpTottenham on Facebook and DM us with details of these HMO properties? 

Community Clear Out Days seem popular step then. There was one at Chestnuts through North London Waste Authority. It allowed for a donations session. A swap session. Then it was taken away by NLWA. I got a free balance bike from it. My son loves it!

Sorry I’m not a Facebook user Robert 

The best that can be said about the "Strategy" and "Action Plan" is that it's a well-intentioned first preliminary draft.
The key to success may be how far it now runs an open process along the lines of a mini-research project.

As you and your partner are on the inner workings of it perhaps you could say more about what a proper strategy should entail. Can you talk about the economics and how we implement this within this time of no money for stuff? 

Apologies for not replying earlier, Robert Pike.

My wife Zena Brabazon now has the official title of "Deputy Leader. It's the only "cabinet" role which is currently elected.  The others are personally selected by the Dear Leader Mk #2. Joe Ejiofor is not in favour of annual elections.
Zena is not allowed to tell me what happens in their secret meetings, and she respects that rule. 
I know that lots of people share the strange assumption that there are "inner workings". Just as over the years I've heard fanciful phrases like "the corridors of power". Maybe they think that the pieces of very bad theatre - like Full Council and public "Cabinet" meetings - are debating and decision-making bodies?
Insofar as there are inner workings they might take place when the "Leader" has unminuted meetings.

This appears to include his foolhardy plans to risk £36 million on a scheme for Fortismere School buildings. There are likely to be other large stupidities which I'm unaware of. I do know about staff time he planned to fritter on various vanity projects. (Town-twinning was one.)

That's in between fronting what is in effect a tenth-rate Claire Kober tribute band which sings the bad old songs in praise of big developers and knocking down social homes.

How do we formulate a clean-up the streets plan?  And how do we implement it with shrinking budgets? Plainly the environment staff can stop doing silly things like giving contradictory messages: 'Dump Here; Don't Dump Here', in the same places.

The economics? I would look very carefully at areas where staff could be switched. Retrained to do something genuinely useful instead of - for example - putting out shiny, upbeat, feel good propaganda sheets. I would also look very carefully at the record of councillors given key roles. And ask why those councillors who previously did these roles well, were either sacked or resigned.

There's a simple longstanding theory which broadly fits Haringey's current situation.

HARINGEY PEOPLE, April 2024, back cover small ad:

"Can some kind soul tell us where we can flytip 300,000 copies of our glossy 2019-2024 Flytipping Strategy & Action Plan, as new and still securely packaged, without some nosy parker lodging a complaint with us about us?"

Hi all who have commented so far. Tidy Up Tottenham is putting together a poster campaign. Can you tell me what useful information should be contained within it? 

If we organise a community clear up day what do people want from that?



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