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With a report last year rating Haringey as the second worst borough in the country for Fly-tippng, Haringey last week published its latest five-year plan to tackle the problem.

Launched amidst much hoo-ha, the Council’s latest fly tipping strategy has hopes of halving the number of illegal waste dumps from the current level of 33,000 a year through a combination of education and enforcement.

Haringey have published two different documents on the strategy. There's a Strategy Document, clearly aimed at the general public, and a more practical Action Plan, the audience for which is unclear. Both are attached below.

The action plan identifies three clusters of action:

  • Early intervention
  • Prevention
  • Enforcement

The strategy document presents the same information in a different way and includes a section comparing teh old approach with the new on page 9.

Also included is a 'heat map' indicating where the most reports are in the borough. The text explains,  "whilst fly-tipping occurs in areas all over Haringey, the corridor down Tottenham High Road has the highest levels of fly-tipping. More fly-tips also occur in West Green and in Wood Green".

Map of Haringey showing fly-tips reported in the borough during 2017/18

In its opening pages, the strategy document sets out is key elements, as follows:

  • Promoting civic pride through community champions, friends groups, resident associations, traders and schools.

  • Working with local communities and partners:

    • to increase awareness of fly-tipping problems,the cost to residents and traders in collecting anddisposing of fly-tips and the negative impact that fly-tipping creates for their local area; and then

    • to identify, prioritise and then remove these fly-tipping hot spots across the borough.

  • Taking an intelligence led approach to the enforcementof fly-tipping, understanding the profile of fly-tippersand utilising the most appropriate legislation to enforce against them and change behaviours.

  • Explaining to the Magistrates the social andenvironmental impacts that fly-tipping causes to promote realistic sentencing

  • Working with Probation to create community payback schemes on environmental improvements to increase Magistrates’ sentencing options.

What do you think? Will it work or is this more hype than action?

Note: Here is Haringey's current fly-tipping page

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One of the largest issues I've found is how do you get rid of rubbish? Bins are only collected fortnightly and aren't that large once day-to-day waste has gone in them, the council bulky collection is only for individual items and if you can't drive you can't get to the dump. 

If you have a one-off that causes a lot of waste to be generated (someone moving out for instance) the only option is to try and find some private waste removal company to collect it which a lot of people aren't going to bother with.

Hi Andrew - Veolia will collect 4 bulky items for £25, including furniture and mattresses and the like. Each additional item is a tenner. 

So long as you can tie them together, 5 bin bags counts as 1 item. So you could dispose of 20 bin bags for £25 if you're spring cleaning.

Large electronic items like fridges, TVs and washing machines can be picked up free by Clearabee.

Interesting if that's the case but the Veolia website doesn't say that. They say up to 5x80 litre (which is around standard size) bin bags for £25 which is considerably pricier.

Yeah the language on their site is a bit confusing, but you're allowed 4 items, and five normal bin bags is 1 item..so 20 bags for £25 picked up. Used them before for just that and worked fine. They could do with making that clearer.

From years as a Haringey Enforcement Officer Highways and Cleansing - retired who still lives and travels through the Borough

Waste bins encourage people to dump as aware bin and surrounding rubbish will be cleared. But more bins are needed. Many removed many years ago and not returned / replaced. Should be bins outside park and school entrances.

There is massive issues with recycling bins filled with materials not recyclable. Needs a clear up where all unemptied bins are collected as rubbish and a fresh use for recyclable materials. Taking into account that most fast food boxes are not recyclable - If have food stains.

Take the figure is from the scavenger crews that drive around picking up dumped rubbish.

I have noticed crews driving around and passing dumps etc. Do they have supervision. Used to be Inspectors on the roads.

Aware that there is much Building work going on within Borough. Also aware that technically vehicles need a waste license to carry waste. Also that vans / commercial vehicles, have to give 24 Hours notice to use Western Road Depot. Also noticed ques waiting to use the Depot most days and times. Joys of only place in such a large and ever growing populated borough.

Items not in a waste bin. Many properties have far larger numbers in properties when wheelie bins brought in and most refuse crews will not clear items not in a bin. Might be worth coming to a arrangement that crews collect items not in bins. Got to be better than sending out another crew to collect overspill when placed off property / dumped.

HMO issue. If a property is flats it can have more waste collection bins. Aware this a big large issue in Haringey as Council do not seem able to keep properties correctly enforced.

Dumping Rubbish. You will never stop dumping rubbish if offenders are never prosecuted. In the good old days offenders got a warning letter then court dates. Offence is under the Environmental Act and can run in to thousands if you keep offending

I have noticed that around several street waste bins there are carrier bags of dog waste. Why they are not put in the waste bin I will never know. Most waste bins have a plastic bag Liner

Bins should be stored on properties, not left on the pavement. Sure it still a obstruction offence. Again suspect it not being enforced

It is a Legal requirement for all Traders to have a waste agreement under the Environmental Act. Its up to local borough enforcement teams to enforce it. Often notice trade waste placed around street bins. Also noticed some traders using street Sweeper bags for their trade waste

Not aware if Haringey CCTV is still working. Used to get many prosecutions from areas covered by cameras.

For years now I have lamented the absence from this site of prosaic Free Verse by poet Bob Ruggles. Welcome back Bob.

Drove through Station Road N22 on Wednesday Evening and noticed many large bags around a Refuse Bin outside the Market Site.  Would have thought they would have had a Trade Contract ?

Passed by Friday evening and still plenty of bags around the Bin in Station Road.                Different to Wednesday evenings

Is Haringey the worst or is it the best at recording pick ups by the Council. Enfield scores badly, but largely because it does so much clearing up! Lets face it ...this should be left at the door of the Government which has cut Council funding to the bone. Park Road depot has been sold off so there is only one very small civic amenity centre in Hornsey. Waste collection have been reduced and garden collections charged for. Councils don't want to do this , but the political choice of Austerity is entirely ideologically driven.

That comes into it Philip, but there are also differences in geography and demographics and make a dumping more of a problem here.  If you look at the heat map the hot spots are over in the east where there are concentrations of light industrial, warehousing and areas where development is going on.  This may be the large scale organised unlawful dumping of building and hazardous waste that is costly to dispose of properly.  Enfield probably has the same issues along the River Lea corridor.  Haringey also has a lot of high turn over rented accommodation, especially HMOs and places not even registered as HMOs that contribute to the dumping of larger household items (e.g. bloody mattresses!)

It needs two different approaches.  One is, as you say, a pragmatic analysis of whether introducing charges and reducing collections has made the issue worse and a crime lead approach to organised illegal dumping.  Then that comes back to money and the inescapable fact the Haringey has 50% less to spend than it did 10 years ago.

Don't other Councils have less to spend because of cutbacks but still manage ?

No doubt other councils have taken different decision on how to spend their money and prioritise different things (for instance some shut most of their libraries to save money, Haringey didn’t) .  But they also probably don’t have the same combination of circumstances to deal with.



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