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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

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Operated by Council 


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Why????? Whatever happened to PCSOs? 

PCSO's was Police - Cut years ago

These are a part of Joint Council Services

Interesting read on what duties they should be carrying out

But link is more like a Advert for Officers

I am also sure I have seen Handcuffs on Duty Belts

What annoys me have seen them walk past Beggars / people spitting on footway and putting rubbish by waste Bins and the Drug Dealers around Wood Green Underground station

Best Deterrent around Spouters Corner is when Police stick Mobile Station / Van with Video Cameras opposite Station.

Yes, thought the answer was “cuts”. Big shame as PCSOs made good links and personal relationships with the community (I remember Ali!) whereas these guys will have little clout and turn their heads away from confrontation-as has already been witnessed. Never mind eh, as long as it looks like some preventative work is being done, we’re all happy. 

Aware several become Police Officers.  

As a Deal was done to keep the good ones



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