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Just wanted to make you aware of the forthcoming Haringey Youth Arts Festival which will see some of the most creative and artistic young talents in Tottenham and the surrounding area take centre stage on 28 October.

The fifth Haringey Youth Arts Festival takes place at Duke’s Aldridge Academy in north Tottenham. Building on the success of previous years the showcase will feature a variety of groups and individuals in a singing, acting and dancing extravaganza that aims to develop youngsters’ passion for the arts.

Acclaimed companies such as Haringey Shed will appear in the programme alongside new companies such as Storm the Stage dance school, while there will be a circus group from Jacksons Lane, a brand new play from Highgate Youth Theatre, dynamic dance from Tottenham-based Project 7 and much more.

“About 150 people will be involved and it is such a wonderful event,” said Stuart Cox, head of participation at Jacksons Lane, one of the key players in putting together the festival. “We’ve been going for five years and it’s grown and grown and we would now like more people to know about it and celebrate what young people are doing in our area.”

Apart from the actual show – watched by members of the public in the afternoon – the morning will consist of performance workshops specifically aimed at the young people involved in the festival.

“In the morning we encourage the youngsters to try out art forms which they are not used to and work with people they never normally work with,” said Stuart. “In the past that has included learning about stage combat; body percussion from a guy from the show, Stomp; contemporary dance; and a workshop from the National Youth Theatre. The whole event aims to raise aspirations and broaden horizons.”

The Haringey Youth Arts Festival runs from 3.30pm – 5.30pm on Saturday, 28 October. The event is free but this year organisers have introduced a ‘Pay What You Decide’ policy where you can make a donation of what you decide you want to pay at the end of the show.

To reserve your places go to:


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