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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

another great performance from the boys earlier (HARINGEY BOROUGH FC) was a hard fought win (10 men for an hour) grit passion determination and PATIENCE were in abundance.  The crowds are getting bigger bigger (a good few hundred in) many families, kids playing, parents laughing joking and SINGING getting behind the team and when we scored in the last ten minutes the roof nearly came off.    If you come support OUR borough I grantee you'll be back.   "We are Haringey say We are Haringey.   

Monday Tuesday HARINGEY

Tuesday Wednesday HARINGEY.... (to the tune of happy days) the songs are hilarious. No swearing kids about.

We're top of the league

We're top of the league

Haringey borough

Were top of the league :-) :-) :-).   

Next match at coles park (white hart lane) is against burges hill town.   They are very afraid!! :-)

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February 2nd. 3pm.   Come support the borough. 



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