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Hi there Harringay Online!

This is Ebony and Paul Harding, Harringay residents since 2007.

We thought it was time to share some details with you about our new venture on Green Lanes. If you are regulars at Blend Cafe you may have noticed some work ongoing 2 doors down at 581C, the old internet cafe. We have been busy these past months readying the site so that by Christmas we can open Harringay's newest specialist grocery store.

We will be stocking fresh organic produce sourced predominantly from British farms, free range British meat, dairy, fish, some vegan and vegetarian food and artisan bread from local bakeries as well as loads of other healthy and top notch delicious goods.

Alongside all this amazing food, we will have a wide range of wine including many organic and biodynamic varieties and an expansive range of local London/UK craft beers and ciders.

We are both big music lovers so we also plan to stock a small range of new and second hand vinyl records and cds.

Please bear with us while the renovations are ongoing, we can't wait to open the doors and hope you will be as excited as we are about the Harringay Local Store.

If anyone has any favourite items they'd like us to carry, feel free to mention them in this thread. All suggestions are most welcome!

See you soon,

Ebony and Paul

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Glad the secret's out! It's great news. Looking forward to opening day.
Really excited! Well done x

Yes, that sounds amazing. I can hardly believe it!? If you really sell that sort of thing when you open - I'll be a regular.

Wonderful –  I've been trying to organise my weekly shopping around a trip to pick up Crop Drop vegetables at Blend, but have been finding Tesco sadly lacking... 

I'm thinking Brooklyn. It's full of amazing places like that....flourish bread please.....
Cherry Ripes please.
As I created an extra week of interest for you with this what turned out to be teaser post, can I have 50% off my first order please?
Thanks, Pam.
What great news. If you're lookig for input on the wine front, I'd be more than happy to help. Over the past few years I've been building up a network of small-scale French winemakers from whom I import many of which produce organic, biodynamic and natural wines. If this sounds interesting I'd be more than happy to have a chat with you.

Fabulous news... this will save me going to Plant Organic In Muswell Hill/....  Could you stock the following items that are on my weekly shopping list.

Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil 500ml:

Quinoa 500gm

The Grenada Chocolate Company Nibalicious 60% Dark Chocolate Bar, Organic

All the best with the developments of this welcomed new addition.... x 

Vitaquell non-hydrogenated cold pressed margarine please.


Cullen Skink

Atholl Brose :-)

Those flat green tins of braised tofu. 



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