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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Seems to me harringay particularly greens lanes off mattison road should be renamed as north London drugs capital esp snuk it’s disgusting...

why isn’t there any can of enforcement, I wonder if the police should come down with a few

dogs ....

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Snuk . . . the poor man's skunk.

You've obviously never watched THE WIRE, have you.

I think the police have given up arresting cannabis users as they don't ever get a result in the courts. Combine this with amount of muggings, robberies etc in the borough it sadly just isn't worth their while to get involved. 

One of the London mayoral candidates (forget which one) was keen to adopt the 'broken windows/zero tolerance' policing that cleaned uo New York. That obviously requires more Police officers at least in the short term. After all open drug use brings open dealing and all the related gang activity and stabbings/violence that goes with it. 

Has the issues been taken up with Ward Councillors ?

As most seem to have made it a full time Job being a Ward Councillor

Are Rate Payers getting Value ?

Aware that Police have been active in Noel Park area. Following residents having meetings with local police Teams

Also seems there are Police Motorcyclists who seem to have removed many of the Bike idiots in my area

Also aware the Police Helicopter seems to be Active in Green Lanes area, especially early hours of morning 

Rather like Haringey Facebook Page , where so few visit it or report issues 


Not sure when you last visited Amsterdam, but I've been on and off for the last 10 years and I can confidently say that any part of central and outer circle Amsterdam is a million times better than Haringay/ Harringay  Clean streets, lovely architecture, polite people, cycling is encouraged, and cannabis is legalised.  I wish Harringay was like Amsterdam, it would be a massive improvement


I thought this was going to be some ridiculously wistful photograph of the New River going between the houses at the bottom of the ladder.

And I thought it was going to be about ladies posing in red-lit shop windows 

You are a bad man.

You both made me chuckle

Umfreville Road - The Venice of the North 



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