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HarringayOnline is not what it used to be for politics - Haringey cabinet sackings edition

Just take for example the lack of coverage of one of our local councillors being sacked from the cabinet on New Year's Eve and replaced with another one of our local councillors a couple of days into the new year. Covered in OnLondon here.

Clive Carter posted it on OpinoN8 (Crouch End's forum) but hardly anyone reads that compared to HoL. Anyway, his post is here.

Instead we're more often than not name calling, selling stuff and recommending tradespeople. We used to be better than this.

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Thought as much. 

Actually I am wrong. The leader and his wife (Councillor Anne Stennett), own a house in Tottenham freehold. They own a flat in Muswell HIll leasehold but rent together elsewhere in Muswell Hill. This is all on their declarations but it's complicated and I am a bit thick.

Anne's brother-in-law, Mark Blake owns in Muswell HIll.

I think the other councillor with kids at the school would be Pat Berryman and he owns in Muswell Hill too.

By the way it costs £200k to build a house so the £40m could be used to build 200 new council houses.

Houses on school playing fields? Where have we heard that before?

Peter Chalk, the total so far is £35.9m not £40m. (Though of course not every building project always comes in on time and on budget.)

The number of Council Houses which Honest Joe claims for the project is actually 68 market and 14 council. (See Zena's comment above.)

But in any case the claim made by Joe is the that the deal "would be self-financing". And that "the Council gets its money back in full ".

So no risk; no loss.
Step right up. Everyone's a winner
Bargains galore
That's right you too can be the proud owner of
The quality goes in before the name goes on

£35.9 million
We got service after the sale

We've got an year end clearance
You can drive it away today.

Act now and receive as our gift to you.
They come in all colors.
One size fits all

50% off original retail price
Skip the middle man

Don't settle for less.
How do we do it?
You've heard it advertised
don't hesitate

that's right it fillets
it chops, it dices, it slices
it never stops
lasts a lifetime, it mows your lawn

it picks up the kids from school
it delivers the pizza

And it's only £35.9m
Step right up

If not completely satisfied
mail back unused portion of product for a complete refund of price of purchase.

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations

The large print giveth and the small print taketh away.

John I checked out that bar you mentioned. Kooooool vibes.  People were kool in there. Friendly just like it should be. Half a black turned into a pint.     I've never seen the Sainsbury with her lights on. She looked classy sexy.   4 charity shop everyone in there kool (people talk to each other in charity shops) needed something from my phone printed off. a kool hong kong brother sorted it for me. Ooo Indian food (indika) popped in for menu Indian brother was kool (Bangladeshi chef) ooo nuts. Went in to the nut shop... I think shed had a long day but thats still a lot of "kool" Kings kebab. Round the back there could tell you some stories. Park road junk shop  (the man before the last man) where did he go?  The shop that fixed the tellys and videos cross the road from the Salisbury.    The greek brother that had the flower shop. The greek brothers in the butcher's. Many pool cafes.  The snooker club spent a good few nights/mornings up there.       I like Harringay then and now.  I'll be taking my lady to indika restaurant soon. Shes from Bangladesh and she knows her food I warned the chef:-)   I will be back.  




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