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Year 6 pupils at Harris Academy Philip Lane in Tottenham, north London, were given too much help in their English reading and maths reasoning Sats, according to the Standards and Testing Agency (STA).

As a result, pupils’ scores in those papers have been expunged and they will receive scores only for their spelling, punctuation and grammar tests.

Read on: Guardian

Sorry for those with students there, though this should have no effect on their moves to next schools. Will they be confident to go to another of Harris' empire?

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I don't think it should affect the children at all, most secondary schools re-asses new year 7 children in September anyway. If there is any wrong doing then it is the school that is at fault not the children.

I remember the fight the parents and teachers at that school put up against the Govt forcing them to becoming an Academy. Such a shame they lost.

If the schools all do their own assessments then why do they need to do SATS tests?  Is it only for ranking schools against each other?

It's a silly system. Gove made changes to Ofsted so primary schools are only judged on their yr 6 SATs. It can be a miserable year 6 for the children (my daughter has just gone through it) who just learn how to do well in Sats rather than learning a more varied and interesting curriculum.

From the Guardian article

The Harris Federation said it was “shocked and dismayed to hear of the over-aiding”

The Harris Academy certainly get no points for their use of plain English.  I don’t think over-aiding is the word most of us would use to describe what happened.

The problem is that we don't know what actually happened. Was it " cheating " as Pamish  describes it, ie deliberate, or was it an innocent misinterpretation of the rules for the exams ?

I agree that " over-aiding " sounds like an attempt to minimise the offence; rather like " mis-spoke " in place of " lied ".

Children at private schools are FAR more likely to be allowed extra time in exams (Granuiad). Cheating?

Exam rooms with digital clocks on the wall, apparently some children cannot understand analogue clock-dials.

Then they don't deserve to pass.

Would you fail someone who couldn't use a slide rule ?

The sooner analogue clocks are phased out the better  although they do give a good idea of how much time has elapsed / is left.

Children shouldn't be doing these tests in the first place imo


I totally agree.



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