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Year 6 pupils at Harris Academy Philip Lane in Tottenham, north London, were given too much help in their English reading and maths reasoning Sats, according to the Standards and Testing Agency (STA).

As a result, pupils’ scores in those papers have been expunged and they will receive scores only for their spelling, punctuation and grammar tests.

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Sorry for those with students there, though this should have no effect on their moves to next schools. Will they be confident to go to another of Harris' empire?

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I have terrible problems with sundials and hour glasses but it doesn’t mean I’m thick!

Schools are supposed to endure that children have access to both digital and analogue clocks as part of the testing conditions so they know how much time they have left during the exam. There are very clear guidelines published each year to ensure that all staff who deliver the assessments know what support they are allowed to give. The local authority organises unannounced visits to monitor schools during the assessment week to ensure that schools are following the testing guidelines. There are some school who do not stick to the guidelines. It is the pressure of school league tables. 

Headteacher leaves primary school after tests investigation




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