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Not Covid related but for different issues.

A&E- Dental- ect

I read somewhere that they have green /red zones?

Hospitals like Whittington, Chase farm or Middlesex for example

Can anyone share what their experience was like?


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Yes, I read that on the Gov website. It seems that your timing was just a bit out. A day or two earlier, (before the antibody tests) and it probably was empty. Anyway, hope the results are OK for you.

Good to know this. A friend was having problems getting to his GP for bloods snd wonder if he can ask for this. 

I think you'll find it's based on the risk factor, not transport issues.

But perhaps individual GPs could arrange for their own nurse to visit if there are significant problems?

From what I understand, our local surgery-Bridge House Medical Practice can arrange blood tests at home for housebound patients.

Everyone else needs to wait for more clinics to open, hopefully in a few week's time.

Or indeed, go to the hospital.

I had to go to North Mid - I was worried but they check you on way in and you get diverted if you have a temp - they were very courteous and efficient - there were not too many people and we could all distance  at that time - i wore a mask.throughout , used gel - it is a  bit nerve wracking but my finger would have been deformed without medical attention - i did not go for the ortho follow up just discussed xray by phone - was sorted and out within 50 mins but should stress this was 5 days after lock down and A&Es might be busier now . The car park was deserted at that time . I chose North Mid as found Whittington A&E a bit cramped on previous visit but that may now be bigger and repurposed. It was eerie and strange but the relief in getting fixed up and home was good. I hope all goes well for you

I have to get an MRI and blood test at Queen Square next week. Because they haven't fully resumed outpatient appointments I've heard it is very quiet there. I had a phone appointment with my nurse who was working from home on her mobile - made me grateful for my own WFH setup! Until I swear, right after that I had IT trouble and had to switch to my mobile to dial out... 

One day I'm hoping to see more of Alice, (my phlebotomist) than just her eyes peering over the top of her mask.

The phlebotomists at Queen Square are great, I used to be so nervous about needles. I've stopped telling them this though as it makes THEM nervous I'm going to either faint or be sick!



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