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Have some time at weekends - would like to volunteer locally, any suggestions?

I have seen some volunteering opportunities but they all seem to be needing help at weekdays and as I work full time, this would not be possible.

There was Coffee and Computers posting here for volunteers to help older people with computer skills which would be great as my background is IT Training but again that was weekdays.

I would be interested in befriending older people and visiting them in their homes (I have a valid SC clearance) or getting involved in some green projects maybe?

Contacted Age Concern some time ago but never heard back.

I am afraid I am not interested in volunteering with children/teenagers and leaflets/money collections etc are not really my thing but apart from this - open to ideas.

Thanks a lot

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I had a great time for volunteering at Kenwood House for a couple of years until I had to give up because of other commitments.  Really good variety of things you can do and you work the hours that suit you.


Is that where they make the toasters and kettles?

Thanks Michael, will look into it.

Anyone else can suggest something?

Thanks a lot

This organisation might be good for you. I don't know anything about them but it seems to fit with what you are asking for https://northlondoncares.org.uk/home

Thanks a lot - that is exactly what I would like to get involved with.

This bit is a bit strange though, I may be too old.. hmmm

We connect young professionals in their 20s and 30s living or working in Camden and Islington with their older neighbours for regular shared time and company.

Will contact them anyway and see, thanks a lot

Edible landscapes by Manor House station is another possibility. 


Thanks x



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