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Have you had a garden studio/work room built?- I could do with advice


I plan to have a studio/workroom at the end of my garden.

The plans are at a stage where I now need to get some outline prices for the entire build - clearing the ground to fitting windows etc. I'm also interested in finding a builder who will include materials. Access is available down a pathway at the rear of the garden and also through the flat.The building will be approx 5m x 4m

So now I'm looking for a good, honest builder or building firm that might have done something similar for you.

I'd be very grateful for any advice or recommendation.



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You could try contacting Paul at officeinmygarden.co.uk

I will. Thanks

We used Paul too,  he was very professional and we were delighted with our room in the garden.  You're more than welcome to visit it.  In fact after we had our built, three other neighbours had one too, all built by Paul.


Thanks for your advice which I will follow. It would be great to visit.


I'm around over the weekend just let me know what's good for you.  I'm in Redston Road, N8 7HL. 

I’m having one built now & it should finished this weekend. If you want to pop round & see it & find out cost etc, then call me on 07963161737. I live on Warham Road


That's very kind of you. Is Sunday OK?

Dave K

That’s fine with me. Call me when you fancy popping over. 
my builders have been great, btw

Elizabeth writes:

What a shame that so many gardens are being built on according to all these replies saying that they (and many of their neighbours) are covering over their green space!

I only just saw this, but for anybody's future reference a good friend of mine, Gareth, who has done other areas of work for people on HOL (bespoke carpentry), is a Garden Studio/workspace specialist who has built them in both town and country:




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