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This afternoon at 5pm I saw a small dog racing up Cavendish Road and turn right on Wightman towards Duckett. There was no sign of anyone nearby and the dog was running very fast - it didn't respond to me at all and seem scared. It was a chihuahua type - mostly black with tan bits. 

I appreciate if this is your dog and it is missing, it might have moved on but thought it might be useful to add a sighting in case you don't know where to start looking or others can add if they've seen it more recently. 

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Just seen on Facebook someone has picked it up - still looking for the owner. 


Good that the dog has been caught. Hopefully the dog is microchipped.

Or "has your dog run away? 

Sorry Liz, I can’t access the Facebook link, do you know what the latest is on the found dog? Was it handed in to Haringey dog warden? The tel no for dog warden is 07815 512833.

There are details on Animal Search of a lost dog which might match the description, photo of lost dog below. The lost dog is not microchipped (it’s a legal requirement for dogs to be microchipped) and not neutered, no collar. Also the dog was possibly hit by a car.

Last I heard it was taken to vets and found to be not micro chipped not sure what happened next. I’ll get in touch with person on face book with your info. 

Thanks Liz. As the dog is not chipped, it will be safer for the dog warden to have the dog, so that they can check proof of ownership etc and deal with handover to any owner, microchip and follow up.



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