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Thanks for answering my question on this too. If one has to have already committed before getting the license, I can see one would have a reasonable complaint if there was any feet-dragging or delay and the legal threat also makes sense given this. 

It sounds like you're right. Verbal assurances made by someone in the council who can't stand by them. Hence the council keeping quiet. I like the comparisons to Donald Trump, hilarious.

Reading this gentleman’s tweets he seems a tad blamey. Everything that doesn’t go his way is a drama (his parking tickets, his car tax.....). Still waiting for the big revelation he’s been promising 

And Hackney is run by ghastly people too it seems

What is the story with Chicken Town?

Use the search box above right and enter " Chicken Town"

Basically, the Council threw taxpayers' money at a restaurant.

The old council, that is.

It's the same Council. only a few of the councillors have changed. :P

Good! Go away @StreetFeastLDN @DowneyJD - #HawkerUnion is a fake community, fake street food, fake market. Hopefully your passing will mean we can get a proper street food market serving INDEPENDENT food and beer rather than your unpleasant and uninspiring impersonation of same. 

why did you change your username after you posted this you big Jessie? lol lol

Latest tweet on the subject from Jonathan:

"Thank you to everyone who has responded to this, and especially to all of the Haringey locals offering support. We really appreciate it. I’m going to try to reply to everyone individually but it looks like we’re out of Wood Green at the end of the month. What a waste."


All because he wouldn't comply with planning regulations around fire safety.



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