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Almost every day on Wood Green High Road there is a youngish guy, probably with some sort of autism, asking/crying for money? Anyone know how he can be helped? 

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I know the chap you mean, I see him frequently. I've seen him as you describe but I've also seen him chatting lucidly to friends, so it's hard to tell if his issues are genuine.

I don't visit Wood Green much, can you tell me whereabouts he is.  I have a friend who is connected to Haringey Council who works as an outreach worker in the local community and his patch is Wood Green.  There is a possibility he could help him.

I've sent you a connection request 

  • I know exactly who you mean, and see him regularly as well in Wood Green, (recently outside WH Smith). Please, don't be fooled. A friend who was with his wife shopping one Saturday saw the crying man, felt sorry, & went to speak to him. He asked for money because he kept on saying he was hungry.  As they were outside McDonald's my friend told him that he would go into McDonald's and buy him anything he wanted, absolutely anything. The man completely turned on him and insisted he wanted his money instead, then became very aggressive and abusive.

You gotta hand it to him though, to be able to turn on (& off) the waterworks on a whim.

But he seems autistic as well. I kept assuming he was being forced to be there by somebody.

Even if you are autistic you do not have free licence to beg on the streets. After the war legless cripples used to beg on the streets with greater justification.

If he has mental problems agencies exist to help hin, but he has to be proactive in seeking out help.

I realise this...

Thanks Paul, I did wonder myself?  



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