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Dear All,

I decided to post on Harringay online the difficult situation that one of my friend's going through.

It is very said when you see someone struggling to live a decent life and all the doors are shut down on their face.

Her story is the following : She has been living in Harringay for 4 years, she is a single mom of 2, a 22 year old boy and a 8 year old girl. She was forced to send her girl back home a few months ago, cause the house where she is staying is too small, a 1 bedroom house, for 2 adults plus 2 kids. The person who she lives with, became very aggressive lately, comes home drunk, sleeps through the day, comes back home in the morning drunk and starts to pick fights with her. police has been involved once already, she doesnt feel safe in that house, this is a really desperate situation. she went to the Council to ask for help and they denied it, saying that they would help her when her older girl comes back to the UK.  Since she is clamming Income Support, the Council advised her to rent her own house asap and they would play for the rent, the thing is, she doesnt have money to pay for rent + deposit.

I would like to ask for help, if anyone knows someone who has a 2 bedroom house to rent in Harringay that accepts DSS and could wait until she gets the money for the rent from the Council i would really appreciate it.

I live in a studio flat with my son, i told her i cannot accommodate her, but i said to her if she finds someone who would accept the renting condition, she could stay with me until she moves in. So basically, she would move in to the house when she gets the money from the Council.

I would really appreciate if you could spread out  my words. She is struggling in that house, she lives in panic everyday...

Thank you in advance

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Bracewells on Hornsey High Street used to accept tenants on DSS. Maybe give them a call and ask?



Thanks Ana, i will defo give them a call first thing in the morning !

Hi Sandra

Your friend could go to the Haringey Migrant Support Centre at St John Vianney's Church on Monday. The link is below. There is a housing adviser there.


Thank you Con, i will make sure she goes there next week !

Hi Sandy,
There are organisations who can help women in the situation your friend is in, whether she has her child with her or not. They can provide a safe place for her to stay and help her with finding a more secure place for her and her daughter, if needs be. Please help her to contact them!

Solace Womens Aid http://www.solacewomensaid.org/ can be contacted on 0808 802 5565
and http://www.womensaid.org.uk/?gclid=CMHb8qr1pbgCFTHJtAodeGcAqQ on  0808 2000 247 

You may find this page particularly helpful http://www.womensaid.org.uk/landing_page.asp?section=000100010008&a...

Good luck, and well done to you for being such a good friend. 

Thank you so much Debbie, i really appreciate it !

Will ring them tomorrow morning, thank you once again!

You're welcome!

Let us know how you get on 

Will do ! :)

She should go to the police and get an immediate restraining order on her violent partner to keep him away.

I've only just seen this thread & don't know what advice you've had so far.  But if there's domestic abuse the council should be supporting her.  Get her to phone Caris Haringey, which works with families who are homeless or in insecure accommodation; they should be able to advise her.  It's 020 8800 5300.



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