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Quoted .... Measures to help protect cyclists, including encouraging people to adopt the 'Dutch reach', are expected to be included in the new Highway Code.

The method of opening a car door with the hand furthest from the handle forces drivers to look over their shoulder for passing traffic.

The code will also give updated guidance on how to avoid the dangers of close overtaking of cyclists.

Cycling UK said the move was a major step for cycle safety.

In 2017 101 cyclists died in road traffic collisions.

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Good news. They include it in speed awareness courses usually

This wouldn't be an issue if cyclists didn't feel compelled to (or weren't encouraged to, by the 'safety' of a cycle lane) ride so close to parked cars in the first place.

Cyclists are between a rock and a hard place. If they ride in the middle of the lane (so as to avoid car doors) many drivers react by aggressively tailgaiting and close passing, also putting them in danger. GIven this costs car passengers nothing, is a good idea anyway (as it would also stop a driver accidentally opening a car door onto a passing car) I can't see the objection personally. 

I don't object to it in principle, but I think it will have practically zero effect on anyone who's already passed their test, so I don't see how it will be of much benefit to the safety of cyclists. Furthermore it doesn't account for passengers, who for many reasons will have never seen the highway code.

Literally the only way to *guarantee* not being doored is to be nowhere near them. Unfortunately that's not acceptable to some motorists, even when travelling at 20+ mph.

I guess the government could always put some money behind promoting it.

A behavioral nudge that helps drivers and passengers avoid a potential (maximum) £1,000 fine. The PR it's already receiving is a decent start. 

"If only one person is saved from Sam's tragic fate because the driver or passenger has adopted the Dutch reach... then that's a life worth saving," says it all really. 

Goes both ways doesn't it?

Cyclists are encouraged to not ride in the 'dooring zone', motorists are encouraged to take a bit more care opening the door. Easy.

Absolutely spot on

as a cyclist for many years i've been knocked off twice by opening card doors.  And i've had countless cases of intimidation by motorists if i choose to ride in a more central position in the road.  i think anything that encourages more awareness of other road users is to be welcomed

What needs hammering home is to give cyclists the same distance as if they were cars. Its cars passing too close that is the problem. But we really need cycle lanes everywhere. All very well using bus lanes except you have to keep passing stationary buses, which is highly risky!

Totally agree! Haringey is particularly bad in terms of cycling infrastructure when compared to Islington, Camden or Hackney

And Waltham Forest!

True :)



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