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Quoted .... Measures to help protect cyclists, including encouraging people to adopt the 'Dutch reach', are expected to be included in the new Highway Code.

The method of opening a car door with the hand furthest from the handle forces drivers to look over their shoulder for passing traffic.

The code will also give updated guidance on how to avoid the dangers of close overtaking of cyclists.

Cycling UK said the move was a major step for cycle safety.

In 2017 101 cyclists died in road traffic collisions.

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Cyclists should only be allowed on the road if they do not obstruct or delay motorists who pay to be on there. A cyclist should also have to take a road awareness test and wear full safety kit - they shouldn’t be cycling slowly up the lanes forcing buses to chug along at 10mph when they could move over. Yes it works both ways there are bad motorists and cyclists - but only one is paying to be there and following national speed minimum limits...

What do motorists pay to be there? Vehicle excise duty (road tax as it was)?

Complete tripe Josie. Roads are paid for out of general taxation (e.g. Income tax, VAT), not by motorists. Cyclists have just as much right to be there. As for "national speed minimum limits"...erm?

The number of times I’ve seen a cyclist hitting 70 on Wightman.........

I think what it comes down to is that motors kill cyclists. I havent  heard of a case where it’s the other way round



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