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Hornsey Park Road – Stolen catalytic converter, a heads-up and mechanic recommendations

Sometime between Friday night and Sunday afternoon, someone got under my car, which was parked in front of my house on Hornsey Park Road, and stole the catalytic converter.

I filed a police report and will be installing motion-activated lights ASAP, but in the meantime I'm looking for recommendations for an honest local mechanic to replace the converter and fix the damage.

Thank you all.

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Was it by any chance Lexus? There’s been a spate of thefts from them in the area as they are at the front of the car and easy to access/remove. How annoying for you!

Yup. A Lexus... had bought it because I thought the car itself wouldn't be stolen. 

Also a slightly older vehicle? Manufacturers apparently have got round it by putting the cat in the engine bay on newer vehicles.

It happened to my car a few days before I traded it in (£500 of trade in value disappeared...)

Before getting my new car I could never look past JTF at the top of Bruce Grove - always friendly and honest.

I’m afraid it won’t be cheap, they’re very expensive bits of kit and not the easiest to fit.

Yes, it's not a newer model.

Thank you for the recommendation.

Jtf are a great bunch

G&N motors, Wightman Road

Thank you!

Cranleigh Garage on Cranleigh Rd, N15 will turn it round quickly, they did mine in 24 hours. As someone else mentioned, it’s going to cost a fair bit

Thank you... I've heard that it's costly.

Its happening around the Borough

Witnessed it a few months ago

Even had someone standing in road waving on passing vehicles

Drove around corner and phoned Police who was there is Seconds. But had sped off and plates was false

Could not believe the speed they work , one dived under vehicle after jacking up vehicle with a Battery powered Grinder. Another sitting in car and another waving passing traffic on

What is annoying is there is a market . As No one would cut of there's and sell it for Scrap

Usually use a small jack , so make the vehicle to heavy to be lifted on a small jack

Look a using Security die packs under vehicle

Big issue is that a team can remove and leave in Minutes 

Catalytic converter theft just happened to me too round Seven Sisters. Replaced old car that failed its MOT last week with a 2005 Honda Jazz - only had it a couple of days. Was due for a weekend away, now all plans off :( Work with special needs youngsters freelance and just don't know how I'm going to manage the bill. I feel sick.

JTF are my guys too.



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