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Hi all,

At about 1:30 this afternoon I saw about 5 or 6 fire engines heading down Green Lanes from Manor House towards Harringay Green Lanes station. I could see a pall of black smoke coming out of the back of the buildings on the north east side of the station, I'd guess behind the key-cutters shop or the barbers.

Does anyone know what was going on? And is everyone alright? There are flats above those shops.


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I was walking past at the time and fire seemed to be at the rear of the parade of shops just to the north of the station.

I saw the black plumes of smoke when I was in my flat about 1pm and when I went to catch a bus at 1.30, there were 2 engines and another on the way. Firemen were rushing down the alley between chemist and the veg shop there with one pump and others running up towards  the Barking bound platform of Green Lanes station. It looked to me like it was a flat at the back of those shops near the station but couldn't be sure. Worried about people being trapped. 

I could see down the archway that leads into the alley at the back of the fruit and veg shop (it’s normally is full of vans so the rear isn’t visible) and I could see a UPVC front door on what I always thought were storage units back there.  Beds in sheds perhaps?

I saw the fire engines as I made my way to the station yesterday. Waiting on the platform, I could see some activity in a passageway behind the buildings. The fire had been put out, although the fire crew were still dousing something that was smouldering, and there were police standing around. As far as I could see, what had been on fire was something behind the buildings, not the buildings themselves. Annoyingly, an announcement suddenly said trains would not be stopping, even though it would have been perfectly safe for them to do so at that point. So everyone waiting on the platform got to see two trains sailing through without stopping.

Good it probably wasn't a fire in one of those flats. Wonder what it was though? Some of the local outdoor drinkers sometimes hang out down that alley with their booze so perhaps some of their stuff but who knows. 

It was behind where I live. There had been a rough sleeper there for some time. Quite a little gaff he'd made for himself. Certainly there were shady goings on every now and then. All a bit unclear but maybe he set fire to it by accident or... who knows? The fire took out the wooden fences to the rear of the hairdressers and Apollo Agency. 

Hi, thanks for the update. It looked from the smoke plume to be quite big and I could smell the burning wood from halfway up the hill towards Manor House. The combination of his gaff plus the fences would make it a big fire and a threat to the shops and flats which explains why I saw something like 6 tenders going down Green Lanes. I haven't heard anything about anyone being hurt, so I trust the guy wasn't in it at the time or got out smartish if he's the one that set it on fire.

Thanks for these updates folks!



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