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Hi everyone. We’re looking to replace our fence, and have had a couple of quotes, but they’ve differed wildly, and both have been more than advice on the internet suggests should be the price.

In researching, it appears that fences should cost around £100/panel. Does this sound right? Or is this figure out of date? The quotes we’ve had have been for £300/panel (!!!) and £185/panel.

Any thoughts or experience you can offer?

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No one?

Clock the tag I added under your post. 

Thanks Hugh. I started off by searching for fencing recommendations, but I couldn’t find one that suggested how much a fence should cost. Without that information, it’s very difficult to decide if the quote that you’ve had is reasonable. We had planned on doing it ourselves at one point, so I have a pretty good idea of what the materials cost is, but was trying to decide how much extra I ought to think about paying the contractor.

I did one side of our garden myself - six high quality pressure-treated panels, concrete posts and gravel boards - which cost about £450 in total including half a skip bag for the old bits and pieces. If you add in the cost of paying two people for a day, plus a bit for business costs like van, fuel, parking, tools etc and a modest profit on the job, a total of around £150 per panel seems reasonable (at London prices) in this scenario.

If you've got fewer panels to do, the price per panel is likely to be higher. The quote could be higher if the old fence will be difficult to remove, there's extra landscaping, pruning or planting to manage, difficult access, or perhaps if they don't really want to get the job.

Thanks Tris. Yes, we’d priced up the materials, so I had a good idea about those costs, but the first quote I had seemed so outrageous (from someone highly and repeatedly recommended on here, btw), that I thought it’d be useful to know what other people had paid. I think he really didn’t want to do it.

The old fence is already removed, and we’re happy to do the pruning etc. Maybe the second quote, at £181/panel, is still high.

Thanks for your input.

I wonder if you'd get a more competitive quote from a regional fencing installation specialist rather than trying to find a local contractor to do it.

If you're still considering DIYing it, don't underestimate the effort involved in digging a series of 2ft deep holes through roots, rubble and heavy clay!

Phillip Foxe did mine. Very reasonable.

Hi Osbawn. Thanks for the recommendation. Without meaning to pry, can you tell me the price per panel? I realise (as Tris says above) that the price will vary depending on the number of panels, but it will give me a ball park. If you don’t mind?

From memory it was about £400 for installation of 2.5 panels. However, I had some unusual panels, an odd shaped space to fit them and some ground preparation was needed so my example probably isn't good for cost comparison purposes. 

It might be better to estimate cost on the amount of labour required rather than the number of panels. For example, in the time it took to erect 2.5 panels in my garden they could have erected 5 or 6 standard panels in a straight line without obstructions etc. Somewhere between £150-200pp per day seems reasonable.

I'd suggest getting someone like Philip to have a look at your garden and provide a quote. Variables that effect price would include number and nature of obstructions, how easy it is to work in the available space, how many posts need to be dug/installed, whether any of the panels need to be cut to fit, type of panels, who removes the rubbish etc.

Good luck.

We’re really not considering DIYing it. I’d like it done properly!!

I used Blue Oak Fencing to do all our fencing in the past two years, prices were extremely competitive and they did an absolutely fantastic job.

Call Simon for a quote: 07960722338

Thanks for the recommendation. I’m really wondering what constitutes ‘competitive’ so that I know what to expect. Do you have an idea of the cost per panel?



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