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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

My garden hut is slowly dissolving at the base, and as a result it now looks like the Leaning Hut of Harringay. I need a new one.

Anyone got any good suggestions as to where I might go to see huts being sold so I can check them out before I buy rather than taking a punt on't t'inter-web.

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The Crews Hill area seems to be garden centre central - some posts on here about it?


These people are great, used them twice and have a great selection on show at their place in Crews Hill

I second Deborah's recommendation for the above company, called Three Counties - cheap and good quality sheds in all shapes and sizes. Don't be tempted to buy online as my neighbours got a really shoddy one delivered.

Yes, that's why I wanted to see it in the flesh, don't want some rubbish that will rot in 2 years.

Thanks all for the pointers.



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