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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm Andrea Halvorsen, certified KG Hypnobirthing practitioner, mother of three and a fervent believer that every mother, partner and baby deserve a positive birth experience.

Positive Mama Hypnobirthing courses will provide you with the tools to navigate the maternity system and make your own informed decisions while remaining calm and in control, whatever the path your birth might take.

-Your body, Your birth, Your choice-

Positive Mama offers a range of courses and workshops to suit everybody's needs:

  • Full antenatal Hypnobirthing group courses, 10 hours course
  • Full antenatal Hypnobirthing private courses, 10 hours course
  • Refreshers Hypnobirthing course, 3 hours course
  • Express antenatal Hypnobirthing course, 4 hours course
  • Weekly pregnancy relaxation workshops, 1 hour a week

For more information and prices visit: www.positivemama.co.uk

Upcoming full Hypnobirthing antenatal group courses

  • October 26th-27th, 10am-3pm, each day
  • November 23rd-24th, 10am-3pm, each day
  • December 14th-15th, 10am-3pm, each day

Over the weekend training you will learn:

  • Complete antenatal preparation, that’s right! you don’t need to take any other course.
  • How your body and mind work.
  • The Hypnobirthing tools to release fear and build confidence.
  • Deep relaxation techniques to use throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.
  • Relaxing massage and rebozo techniques
  • Preparing your birth partner to be an active player in pregnancy, labour and birth.
  • How to use BRAIN to make informed choices.
  • And much more...

On top of that you'll receive:

  • Support over the phone and email until the day of the birth.
  • The KGHypnobirthing book and mp3.
  • The parents' hand-out.
  • Healthy and delicious refreshments.
  • Positive Mama's goody bag.

Limited spaces, book now to avoid disappointment.

For private courses get in touch: contact@positivemama.co.uk


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