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My wife is looking to get back into work as her current employer is unable to cater to the hours she would like since returning back from Maternity.

She currently/used to work as an Office Administrator/receptionist at a Medical centre in the borough of Islington and would love to be more local to home. She would like to work two days, Mon/Tues as those are the days our little one is at nursery.

Can anyone suggest anything? or advise where she should apply or know which GP/Clinics/medical centres are recruiting? She would also love to get into a school reception role!

All advice/help is is appreciated

Thank you 

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Go on harringay website. Jobs are sometimes advertised on there

I'd suggest writing a letter to the places your wife might like to work, attach a CV and explain how she thinks she could help them. 

Hey Jamal,

It depends if your wife would like to keep to her current industry or shift. If she did then I'd recommend looking into private medical establishments that may be a little more flexible with hours

I've found office admin roles to be more flexible, especially if it's a start up, or within a studio. A lot of offices have flexitime now.
Also a lot of new mums I know will start applying for teaching assistant roles/roles within schools for shorter hours.

Hope this helps



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