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My neighbours have dumped a fence panel across the pavement in Warham Road. It is blocking the pavement to all users particularly the elderly and those with children.

I know who you are and I am reporting it to the council, please remove it.

I would post a photo to show just how inconsiderate it is but its not uploading.

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Is the panel in good shape? I think it's £15 if so. Middle class dumping?

You can have it for half a bitter shandy.

People are having to climb over it so its deteriorating fast!

Tried to move it yesterday but too heavy for me.  So now it will divert Veolia resources (whose staff are just as depleted as any other frontline force) from keeping the streets clean and disposing of rubbish.  Inconsiderate b*****ds.

Too heavy for me too, thankfully it has now been removed.



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