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If You Could Wish For One New Restaurant on Green Lanes What Would it Be?

Walking home this evening I saw some guys in Shamata. After chatting with them, I wondered if we could wish for one new restaurant on Green Lanes what would it be?

Now, for me If there was somewhere I could get arepa like the Venezuelan mom'n'pop place in Crystal Palace, that would be fine and dandy.

What about you?

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Tapas: a nearby Harringay place, though not strictly on Green Lanes, is   La Vina,   on Wightman Road opposite Harringay railway station. Worth a walk up Burgoyne Road. No live website (it was live a year ago, hope that's not a portent) but search      "La Vina" N4     for reviews beyond HoL.

I would love a Korean place. Bibimbap...

I also agree to the person who suggested a decent Italian place.  Currently my partner and I travel to San Marco in Bruce Grove - it's absolutely wonderful.  The food and wine is lovely and the atmosphere is warm and authentic.     

A place with authentic russian food - there are hardly any about and most are ridiculously expensive!

Troika, in Chalk Farm, if you're going out.

I think that place has closed. There's Mari Vanna in Knightsbridge but... Knightsbridge prices for food that costs less than a fiver to make. 



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